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Thread: What's this song's title?

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    Exclamation What's this song's title?

    Hi All

    I read a post on soundcloud 2days ago - some one was asking about a track's title for 2 years!!

    I managed to find the artist name however wasn't lucky to find the specific track, the track was great eventhuogh It was recorded from a bar or smth with all side noises

    Artist name is : Raves Rave known as Niro (nironic) he's an afro american rapper

    here is the Unknown track of him:

    and here is the artist page on sound cloud :( I don't know it's official or no)

    any participation is appreciated and I apologize for my sh***y English skill.

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    if it was asked on Soundcloud, why are you posting it here?
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    Hi,I think it worth to try for song identification,but it works for youtube and similar websites.Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gelashvili17 View Post
    Hi,I thinks it worth to try for song identification,but it works for youtube and similar websites.Good luck!
    Could be a help though it's still in beta. Notice that the domain name is registered on that bit of Brit rock, St. Helena (ask Napoleon about that).:
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    Sorry but I never know about the postings of SoundCloud :)
    Can you just tell me the singer's name I will check him on Concerttour

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