Only "new" in stepping out front on recording in this part of the Northern Hemisphere. Played with/ is employed by some heavy hitters here (Curtis Salgado, Lynwood Slm). Info in English is slim--if your Portuguese is adequate, check him out Down Home. His Site: A good bio on this Site--he's done a whole lot to promote the Blues in Brazil and 50% of sales goes to charity--a worthy, accomplished man indeed.:

Some tunes: << A medley of stuff off an album--good taste of what they're about <<CS can deliver a lyric like darned few others. Elite all the way--tell me a better way to spend 6 minutes. << What brought him to notice in the US. << Using the "Settings" tool brings 720p HD. Oh Daddy! << Love the way Mr. Slim slipped in phrasing from a Dizzy Gillespie classic...and the band picked up on it immediately. Stone cold pros but warm-hearted, every one. << Following in the Morganfield footsteps
BONUS: Full album, currently unavailable at the Amazin's--so no harm, no foul: