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Thread: A number of older musics, expertly mixed

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    Default A number of older musics, expertly mixed

    ...And not in some sneery or cornball way either. I agree with AMG on Pokey LaFarge: and << The citizen reviewers here and at the Amazin's think he's the cat's meow; 5 CDs and a "Live" one. NOTE: He ensures all his stuff is also out on vinyl. His Site: << Tours frequently; just started a 6-perf stay in Australia, then a Big Loop US tour the UK/Euro in May... He and his mates sure stay busy.
    Some tunes: << Nice impromptu perf of a nice tune--charming. << A nice slice of their stage act

    BONUS: A 1/2 hour studio perf, an 11 minute Tiny Desk piece and near-20 on another stage: and and
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    ^^^Thank you^^^!
    I searched this type of song in many places but
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