Hey everyone!

As you can see I'm a newcomer here so I'll introduce myself

I'm Tzirhk (a.k.a Cristian), a 27-year-old man from Chile (somewhere in South America). Well, I like many things: literature, history, sports, philosophy, etc, etc, and certainly our topic in common: music. I listen to many different genres. Certainly, I've got my favourites (rock/metal and most of its subgenres, some jazz, classical, etc) but I'm open to listen to any music I consider as well-made and/or honest (I know both are in the eye of the beholder, but anyways :)).

I'm a musician as well. I'm mainly a keyboardist (with some skills in other instruments: guitar, bass, piano, drums, and very very little of singing lol).

Finally, I'd like to say I'll give my best to be an active member of this community and thanks for the space and time to read this :).

See you there!