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Thread: Hall & Oates new live album

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    Default Hall & Oates new live album

    From Dublin. Here's a convo with Daryl Hall about it.:
    The citizen reviews like this '14 reprise of those '70's-'80's hits done in a more relaxed manner--just some guys having fun with nothing to prove--this 2CD/1DVD package is for a reasonable price. : << Yes, I have an order in.

    Tunes therefrom: << There 1st-ever Dublin stop--surprising how huge they are there << I'm fantasizing being in the front row, dancing, leading a chorus and just generally making a total fool of myself. << Just an outstanding version of this all-time song.

    Not from this tour--Sydney '12: << Sure gets the house rockin' with this, you betcha--those raucous Aussies, dontcha know. * BTW, that soul-deep sax player is Charlie "Mr. Casual" DeChant; most of the rest are LFDH players. Here's the version by that Englishman that made them a pile of money--his duet partner is Greek and some guy on piano: << A PrideFest gathering, evidently.

    BONUS: Their Soul roots are unquestionable and go way deep. Here's a 1/2 hour clip of them 30 years ago: << With very special guests << this version of "Every Time You Go Away" reduces me to tears.
    * This clip, the gig comes via MoshCam: << "They have an app for that."
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