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    RINGO STARR "postcards from paradise"

    personally, i was never a huge Ringo fan...
    in fact i think the best thing he ever did was the narrative
    for the first season of the "thomas the tank engine and freinds"
    childrens show...seriously, he is a great narrator IMO, he has a
    great voice for that sort of stuff!
    his albums:
    usually one or two good tracks and the rest is filler...
    and this one is no different...
    the songs:
    as per his last few releases, there are a lot of nods to
    people(named and annonymous) who helped him out in his
    formative years in the industry...
    there are a couple of tracks,whereby humorously, he takes swipes
    at people he isnt naming,but read between the lines and you can work it out for
    yourself whom he means in those songs(and im not telling neither!
    musically theyre light and poppy with the odd slight hint of reggae in places
    and a touch of funk thrown in...
    lots of Beatle references in the title track(linked below)..
    he's sort of song-title dropping, but i guess he was there
    and if anyone has a right to do it, it is one of the "fab four"
    its Ringo...deep,yet jovial monotone vocals...
    he is having a good time doing the only thing he really knows!
    its Ringo Starr, no more and no less...
    he has nothing to prove to anyone anymore, his legacy of being "beats-man"
    to the greatest band in rock/pop history is set in concrete...
    i believe his last album "Y Not" sold less than a thousand copies in the UK as did the one
    before that in "Liverpool 8"...the guy knows he isnt going to set the charts on fire, he's having fun
    jamming with freinds and so he should, but this album is not for me because i cannot hear
    anything on here i honestly like, but then again, i cant say i really dislike anything enough
    to wish i'd not heard it

    from the album:

    "postcards from paradise" vevo video

    "not looking back: vevo audio

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    Frankly the only Ringo Starr material I'd consider worthwhile are his All Starr CD/DVDs--the rest are too hit-or-miss (mainly miss) to bother with. This review furthers my opinion.
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