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Thread: Album Listening To Now Postings

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    Default Album Listening To Now Postings

    I am going to start posting my albums in these threads in the various categories. Although in some cases I may have a problem deciding where to put it, I will do my best. I am posting this here in order to not have to post it in each of the different threads. I have a library of around 4000 recordings (mostly vinyl) and start each day under the headphones with my daily injection of coffee. I will post at least 1 selection each day. I am not very good at describing why I like or don't like something. I just do or don't. I use a grading system of 1,2 or 3 stars for each album, meaning
    3 - If I lost this album I would repurchase at regular price
    2 - If I lost this album I would repurchase but only at a discounted price
    1 - If I lost this album I would not repurchase
    I will also rate each song on the album with an overall average score.
    I welcome any responses members may have, positive or negative.
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    Go for it Mr Head...

    The best way for me to pick up on music I should be checking out is from exactly the sort of posts you're talking about.

    I look forward to seeing what you're grooving to...

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    Watching 'Rough Trade at the BBC' that I skyplus'ed - 80's stuff
    - have got as far as this - (seems to be from the same programme)

    (hopefully the link will work)

    YouTube - robert wyatt shipbuilding

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    I admire your enthusiasm for music,MH ! I am really looking forward to this project !


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    Fine by me ................I'm looking forward to broadening my musical education !
    Nice to be able to go back to trust and friendship!!!!!!!!!

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