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    Default Radiohead music videos

    I'm a huge lover of Radiohead's music and their videos, particularly 'Pyramid song'. I was wondering what's your view on the song and video

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    Had a look and listen. Not a great fan of Radiohead but the video was mildly interesting - did not really go anywhere in the end but initially it seemed like a good idea. As for the music - suicide stuff - very depressing. What I can't figure out is what is the relevance of 'Pyramid' in the title??!!?? Maybe I am just missing the point but it does not make a whole lot of sense to me, whereas this does -
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    i cannot stand Radiohead neither....
    i own "the bends"....terrible album,
    ive heard their apparent "greatest album" in "ok computer"....abysmal IMO

    personally cant see what all the hype about them is for...
    i just find them grossly overrated to say the least....
    another couple of artists i find grossly overrated are Portishead,Muse and U2....
    two others that are heading in the same direction for me are Coldplay and Mumford & Sons

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    so, that aside MazzMyster,
    welcome to MD....
    we all have different tastes in music here and im sure you dont like some of what Jerome or myself would like....horses for courses mate.

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    Thanks for your replies and it's interesting to see different views and opinions.

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