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Thread: A pop/soul cover of the hit "Baby Come Back" (Player)

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    Post A pop/soul cover of the hit "Baby Come Back" (Player)


    I want to know who is the artist/band thet made this cover of Player's song "Baby Come Back:


    (In this Youtube video I made you can hear a fragment of this cover version I recorded from a radio station). Please, help me.
    A thing I like of this rare cover: The song is in the key signature of B Bimol Minor and after the bridge it changes to c minor (The original key signature of the Player's version)

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    Sorry I can't help you, 'cuz I've always liked this song. Here's a Wiki on the tune (and group): The original, for comparison: << Bonus: a chance to learn a little romantic Spanish...goin' that extra mile...or at least 50 feet...<< Nice harmony--if only they'd written or chosen good songs, who knows?
    PS--If you find out who it was, do us the favor of Posting?
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    Just try to investigate it. The cover version in my video is known. The guy's voice is similar to The Deele singer.

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