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    Default me&music

    im not quite sure how much i know about music. i dont really know anything about the technical aspects of music, like notes or anything. i guess im more into the art side of music, its use of conveying ideas, emotions, and concepts.

    i listen to a great range of music that a enjoy a lot, and my tolerance for music genres is basically everything. i started my music listening with Fuel, Enya, Yellowcard, Metallica, Trapt, Bob Dylan, and lots of motown. favorites are Audioslave, Bob Dylan, Breaking Benjamin, Evanescene, Gorillaz, Linkin Park, Mute Math, A Perfect Circle, System of a Down, Tool, The Verve, Yellowcard.

    what im into right now is british pop like radiohead and coldplay, progressive rock is also catching my interest too, yes and dream theatre right. about a month ago i got some porcupine tree, FOADP, didnt really listen to it, and it just hit me how dream-like it was, and it became really cool.

    so thats a synopsis of music i guess. im trying to further expand my taste of music, so anyone can see into what i like already and give suggestions?
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    Hi Sahrs, & welcome.

    Your first paragraph is a perfect description of my approach to music. I'm sure that the ability to appreciate how music works would in some way enhance the enjoyment, but a UK roots music DJ by the name of Andy Kershaw said in a recent interview that he'd love to be able to play music but would never learn in case it removed some of the magic from the experience. I'm with Andy.

    Look forward to getting to know you.

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    You sound like a proper MD member. Welcome to the site.
    With Regards...


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    radiohead and coldplay.... Excellent choice. Welcome to the site mate.

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