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Thread: MEAGHAN TRAINOR/JIMMY FALLON/THE ROOTS "all about that bass"

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    Default MEAGHAN TRAINOR/JIMMY FALLON/THE ROOTS "all about that bass"

    i just found this cool version of "all about that bass" on youtube....
    it features Meaghan Trainor,Jimmy Fallon and his night band The Roots
    playing junior school instruments to the song....

    i love Fallon, love The Roots versatility and Meaghan for putting herself out there
    for this 'kid-like' version of her worldwide hit single...

    well worth a listen/watch if you have time.

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    Great share. You're right about it being an acid test of an artist's sense of humor, if not humility. Mr. Fallon has a good music thing in this--there's lotsa episodes, all worth your time.
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    yeh, im a big fan of Fallon as an all-round entertainer....

    Justin Timberlake has appeared on his show on numerous occasions, he is really cool also,
    lets his hair down and makes a fool of himself a lot...but he has fun and can see the humourous side of not only what hes doing but also himself...
    i have a lot of respect for him also.

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    love this
    posted it back when it aired
    love Fallon too
    except for the game segments
    and the note writing stuff
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    Ooops,sorry, I must have missed your post or forgotten about it...

    I agree about some of the games and those stupid not- funny "thank you notes"

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