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Thread: KENDRICK LAMAR "to pimp a butterfly"

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    Default KENDRICK LAMAR "to pimp a butterfly"

    KENDRICK LAMAR "to pimp a butterfly"

    i listened to this one via Spotify earlier because it debuted at #1 on the Australian albums
    chart this week....
    full of your typical cliched rap/hip-hop lyrics, lots of "F","C","N","P",MF" words throughout this one...
    surprisingly though, a lot of the music is actually quite funky and jazzy...
    i just dont like this sort of stuff overall, i dont like anything i heard on it, and certainly nothing i could
    say "oh, that one might grow on me:...just nothing there at all, unless you love the genre!

    here's his Wiki page:

    below is the link for his latest single:

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    debut's at #1 on the UK, Australian and New Zealand charts this week...WTF!

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    made it through this one
    damn that was a long album
    only track I like is King Kunta

    will never get the constant use of the n word but whatever
    not as many bitches and hos
    only 5 featured artists out of 16 tracks
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