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5th album
country music is dead
sorry JOSH
I prefer the term redneck country for this
5 new tracks and 6 old tracks from a previous ep
not my thing but it may be yours

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Bio - from allmusic

Singer and songwriter Luke Bryan comes by his country influences naturally: he grew up in Leesburg, Georgia, a small town 100 miles from the Alabama border where
his father grew peanuts and sold fertilizer for a living. Bryan helped his family work the farm when he was young, but in his early teens he developed a passion for country
music, picking up his influences from his parents' record collection, listening to the likes of George Strait, Conway Twitty, Ronnie Milsap, Alan Jackson, and Merle
Haggard. When he was 14, his folks bought him his first guitar, and a year later his playing and singing were strong enough that he started sitting in with local bands at a
club featuring live country music. At 16, Bryan starting writing songs with the help of a pair of local tunesmiths who had enjoyed some success in Nashville; he planned to
head to Music City to try his luck after graduating from high school until his brother died in an auto accident. Wanting to offer emotional support to his family, Bryan opted
to attend Georgia Southern University instead, though he didn't give up music. He continued writing songs, formed a band, and was playing gigs on campus or at nearby
watering holes most weekends while pursuing his studies. He recorded a self-released album, which he sold at shows during this period, but was reluctant to take the
plunge and devote himself to music full-time until he returned home to work in the family business after receiving his degree. Bryan's dad, confident of his son's talent,
made him an offer: he could either move to Nashville or be fired.

In the early fall of 2001, Bryan pulled up stakes and relocated to Nashville, where his heartfelt songs of country life earned him a contract with one of the city's many
publishing houses. In his free time, Bryan continued to perform at local clubs, and after an A&R man from Capitol Records saw him perform a set of his original material,
he was given a record deal. Capitol released Bryan's first widely distributed album, I'll Stay Me, in the summer of 2007, following it with Doin' My Thing in 2009. Doin' My
Thing peaked at number two on the country charts -- and at number six on the Top 200 -- and it spawned two number one singles: "Rain Is a Good Thing" and "Someone
Else Calling You Baby" (while "Do I" hit number two). Bryan returned with his third album, Tailgates & Tanlines, in the summer of 2011, its release preceded by the single
"Country Girl (Shake It for Me)." That song was the first of four Top Five Country singles pulled from the album: "I Don't Want This Night to End" and "Drunk on You" both
hit number one, while "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" peaked at number three. This success kept Tailgates & Tanlines in the charts well into 2012, and Bryan supported the
record with steady touring. Early in 2013, Bryan compiled his four Spring Break-themed EPs since 2009 as the album Spring Break...Here to Party; it promptly became
his first number one album on the pop charts. Bryan solidified his standing in country music by winning ACM's prestigious Entertainer of the Year award in June. That
August, he released his fourth studio album, Crash My Party, which hit number one on the country charts and the pop charts. Each of the first four singles from the album
-- the title track, "That's My Kind of Night," "Drink a Beer," "Play It Again" -- steadily climbed to number one on the country charts during 2013 and 2014. Bryan chose to
close out his series of Spring Break EPs in 2015 with the release of the aptly titled Spring Break...Checkin' Out.

Album Review - from allmusic

There comes a time in every bro's life when it's time to grow up and stop heading down south for Spring Break. For Luke Bryan, that time came in 2015. That was the
year he released Spring Break...Checkin' Out, his seventh seasonal EP celebrating sand, sun, brews, and bikinis. Checkin' Out! came in two variations: one that
contains the EP's five new songs, another that mixes the new tunes up with 2014's Spring Break 6...Like We Ain't Ever, pumping up to the size of a standard album and
making a better bargain for the buck. Sonically, the songs from the sixth and seventh EPs intertwine nicely -- it's all bright and cheerful, sounding warm and open-hearted
even in the shadow of the production's excessive gleam -- but, appropriately enough, all the new songs find Bryan looking back over his shoulder at all the fun he's had
over the years. Even when the songs get a little funky, as they do on the descending blues riff of the title track, there's a slight melancholic tinge, as Bryan acknowledges
this is the last time he'll be doing this. He addresses his curtain call on "Spring Breakdown" -- a song that begins with "It's been a real good run/Playing out here in the
sun, year after year/Beer after beer/I've watched this crowd grow/I swear y'all don't know/What you mean to me," sounding exactly like the concert closer it's designed to
be -- and passing years are also evident on "My Ol' Bronco," an ode to a car that's just a few years shy of Bryan's age. Maybe that's why the main edition of Checkin' Out
is the one that blends these lightly melancholic tunes with the party anthems of Like We Ain't Ever, as those are the ones that keep the good times rolling. Nevertheless,
it's those five songs that provide a nice farewell to Bryan's time as the ringleader of Spring Break, and it's good to see that he's chosen to bring this era to a tidy close
instead of letting it slip into memory.

one's as bad as another:

Track Listing

1. My Ol' Bronco
2. Games
3. She Get Me High
4. Spring Breakdown
5. Good Lookin' Girl
6. Checkin' Out
7. You and the Beach
8. Night One
9. Like We Ain't Ever
10. The Sand I Brought To the Beach
11. Are You Leaving With Him