Maybe not well-known to the general public but every serious jazz player knows him...and more than a few have him on speed-dial. See all the side gigs he's played (and these are just the recorded ones): He's got a few on his own--solid jazz composing and playing--whenever he let the word out he was doing a recording, his phone rang off the hook: << 1 or 2 clinkers--most are 4-star. His Site--opens with music:

Some tunes: << in a trio setting--what marvelous jazz bass playing! Oh my. << Stretching out on a lovely Duke Ellington piece << A lovely tune off his best-known album (albeit 35 years ago) << A short course in jazz piano--have your students/friends and relatives with ambition listen to this--you'll be doing them a serious favor << a more popular piece--that doesn't mean making bland or selling out; just more accessible.

BONUS: An hour+ in concert with a pick-up group in Italy, 5 years ago: