Born into a musical family, Rhonda Vincent has been making good music for nearly 5 decades...and she'll only be 53. Bluegrass singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist, she's made it in a tough side of music for women (sorry, but that needed being said). These days, she emphasizes the Country over the Bluegrass but whatever she turns her hand to, turns out well. Her Wiki: Her Discog: << Have confidence getting any of them but try this one first: << Great chemistry, great band, great songs--what's not to like? Her Site:

Some tunes (make sure you have your dancing shoes on): << Moving a special audience of industry movers'n'shakers << I say in utter seriousness--YOU MAY NEVER HEAR BETTER SOLO OR ENSEMBLE FIDDLE PLAYING THAN THIS. Listened to it 3 times running... and I'm still rockin' and exuding. << alert Lovely Linda to this << She and the lads just kill on this Dolly Parton classic. << They tear it up and I tear up. What a band!