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Thread: RIP Mike Porcaro

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    Default RIP Mike Porcaro

    The middle of Toto's Porcaro brothers, bassist Michael has died. He passed away yesterday having had to retire from playing in 2007 as a result of Lou Gehrig's - a crippling auto immune disease - he was 59. Rest in peace.

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    Glad he got to see the completion of the new Toto record before he passed....

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    Quote Originally Posted by webbew1 View Post
    Glad he got to see the completion of the new Toto record before he passed....
    Indeed. Another underrated player because of the group and genre he chose. ALS will be successfully combatted someday; meanwhile...
    His brother Jeff died in '92. << Is there another as-accomplished family in American pop music? I don't think so.
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    A BIG loss to the music world. Brilliant bassist.
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