These guys have been true friends both on and off the stage for 40 years. Mike Stern and Bill Evans * I do not hesitate to call them giants despite no big name--listen to all their doings (playing, arranging, writing for everybody). You don't get chart action for yourself backing/underpinning others but jazz could hardly exist at the top level, year in, year out, without them and similar players. And when they personally get with maximo rhythm--GEE GOLLY WHIZ BANG. Here's a JazzTimes article on them that puts you right in the picture: << Can I sy "loving" about this appreciation?

Ya-ya done with, some tunes: << sorry about the quick fade but you get the idea << I am and they are OK with you calling this "funk jazz" or their kind of "soul jazz" long as "jazz" is in the phrase. << Brotha workin' that bass. Oh yes.

BONUS: a 40-minute outing in Poland--where they take each individual composition is amazing--always a POV, not just a jam.
TO PROG ROCK FANS: I don't claim the conceptual expansiveness of the best prog rock BUT they never play the same piece the same way twice AND lotsa licks to be, er, "abstracted".

* NOTE: This is not Bill Evans the jazz piano genius, not even a relation.