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Thread: my Dad's singles collection....

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    Default my Dad's singles collection....

    okay, so a couple of weeks ago my Dad gave me his 7" 45s and 10" 78s collection of singles from back in the day...
    im not sure how many he had but theres not as many as my vinyl singles collection...
    i had a quick look through it and theres a few artists ive not heard of, others ive heard of but not heard,some popular hits,some worldwide popular hits we should all know, and some real surprises that i never thought he would have bought...
    obviously, the 78s go back to the early days of rock and roll,up until the '45' was invented then its on to the traditional '45' singles/eps...
    his singles go up until the late 1980s and includes artists from Johnny Ray though to Blondie,Adam & The Ants,Joan Jett and beyond...
    i have started to play a few and will continue to do so until ive gone through the lot...
    my record player does not take the old 78 speed discs so i will attempt to listen to those on youtube(if theyre available...
    each time i play one i will post it on the forum, as i did to my own vinyl singles collection a while ago...
    both sides will get played and i will post links where applicable(and possible)
    i will also give a link to the artist career via wiki(if one exists) and maybe,just maybe, you guys,like me, can hear something you have not ever heard before, especially the old UK artists who may have only had their recordings released in the UK back in the day...
    this should be fun to enjoy so without further ado i give to you....
    "my father's singles collection"....

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    first up we have:

    The G-Clefs, an American doo-wop group:

    my dad bought their "i understand(just how you feel)" b/w"little girl i love you" single back in 1961

    i know the "A" side of the single and love it,
    just heard the "B" side and love that one also...
    the single only reached #17 on the UK singles charts.

    "i understand(just how you feel)" *** audio
    "little girl i love you" *** audio

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    Tommy Steele "the tommy steele story volume II" 'ep' 1957

    the UK's first true 'rock and roller',
    the tracks from this 'ep' were taken from his autobiographical movie of the same name

    Tommy's wiki bio:
    Wiki bio for the movie:

    two of the tracks from this 'ep' were released as stand-alone singles in the UK...
    "cannibal pot" which reached #8 on the UK charts and....
    "a handful of songs" which peaked at #5 on the UK charts...

    "a handful of songs" ** audio
    "cannibal pot" ** audio
    "time to kill" ** audio
    "you gotta go" ** audio

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    nice thread CH
    will be monitoring
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    Great idea for an on-going Thread. Anytime I see "doo-wop", I reach for the cans and this didn't disappoint. BTW as one commenter pointed out, mixing 2 or more songs together is called quodlibet and has a storied history:
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    im have no idea just how many Doo-Wop artists/singles he has in his singles collection jazzy, but im assuming he would possibly have a few because he was a fan of that style back in the day...time will tell anyway...!

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    no need for a Wiki bio for Buddy, we all know who he is(was), but i will link it anyway:
    so the next single i randomly picked out to play was:
    "bo diddley" b/w "its not my fault" from 1963
    that single peaked at #4 on the UK charts, but only #116 in the US.
    i like the "A" side but absolutely love the "B" side here.

    Bo Diddley ** audio link
    its not my fault *** audio link

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    JIMMY JONES "good timin'" b/w "too long will be too late" 1960

    another Doo-Wop guy...
    was originally a member of Sparks Of Rhythm in the 1950s...
    wiki page here:
    "handy man" was his biggest hit in the US, but this one hit #1 on the UK charts...
    love the "A" side, "B" side is pretty good also...
    this guy from Birmingham Alabama should have been bigger than a "two hit wonder" IMO

    "good timin'" *** audio link
    "too long will be too late" ** audio link

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    just a short note....

    ALL the singles i play are 7" ones unless stated that they are the old 78's

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    BILLY FURY "im lost without you" b/w "you better believe it baby" 1964

    a UK rocker from the 50s-60s...
    he was my dad's favoruite homegrown rocker from back in the day, so im expecting a few of his singles to eventually
    crop up on my turntable...
    i like the "A" side but love the "B" sided track....
    heres Billy's Wki page:

    "im lost without you" ** audio link
    "you better believe it baby" *** audio link

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