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Thread: Mentioned in passing as an accompanist elsewhere, now for real

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    Default Mentioned in passing as an accompanist elsewhere, now for real

    One of the best modern pianists--will lend his time and talents to any worthy project...but has a robust personal career. Fred Hersch The pride of Cincinnatti, he's composed Classical music also. His Wiki: His discog as leader: * << 30 years of top-rank excellence. His Site: << Opens with music albeit low-key

    Tunes: << 54K views say you're not a pioneer << Makes every song his own, even a jazz warhorse like this

    BONUS: 1-hour of jazz pros doing Russian composers--issued on a Classical label:

    * Look at his DVD, a marvelous jazz/art piece. A review and comment from the Usual Suspect:

    Note to Euro folks: he's doing a 2-week tour of Europe in April '15--he doesn't tour often; may be your last chance to hear him live for a long while
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