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    Hi folks I'm John Patrick Starling. I started getting serious about writing songs about 10 or years ago and now I've cooked up about 40 or so that are "Keepers" and I'm just now exploring what to do with them. I've been a professional writer all my life (I'm 44). I'm a decent singer and guitarist but a really solid songwriter. I've been recording with a band of expats over here in Korea where I live and I'm thinking of trying to sell some of my songs to a publishing house or something so we can put a real singer behind these songs. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Ironically I'm not a big music hound, though playing at bars and clubs and now recording has introduced me to some music I wouldn't have found otherwise.

    Here's an original I wrote called White Picket Fences performed with my friend Barbara Wolf right before I moved over here. If you like a good, sad country ballad you might like this.

    Alsoif you're in Korea we're looking for a fiddle player. Millions of violinist here - no fiddle players!!!

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    I \took the liberty of linking this Post in a Country Forum. Looks like a good guy--anybody got "ins" into the Country music biz? To at least give his tunes a listen and possible tightening up?
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