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Thread: BRIT AWARDS "critics choice" award aritist JAMES BAY

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    Default BRIT AWARDS "critics choice" award aritist JAMES BAY

    ive just got around to noticing this artst that was awarded "critics choice" at the Brits a couple of weeks ago...
    "critics choice" award is given to the newcomer who the industry heavyweights in the UK believe will be the
    "next big thing" each year...
    this year they gave it to a young artist called JAMES BAY....
    now James Bay may be better known for it being a section of water on the Hudson Bay in Canada,
    ive just heard his single on the radio today for the first time and i was impressed by it...

    James Bay Wiki page:

    link to his hit single "hold back the river"..... vevo video

    and to prove the guy can sing here is the brilliant 'solo' version of the same song live

    and another track by him called "if you ever want to be in love" acoustic version

    and another video "when we were on fire" via vevo video

    man this guy is bloody good IMO...
    heres "move together" vevo video

    there are a couple of other youtube vid's if you care to check them out...

    seriously, this guys is seriously talented IMO!

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    the UK has produced some very good singer songwriters of late with ,Jake Bugg and George Ezra...and now, you can add James Bay to that list!

    i sure hope his music reaches US shores soon, because you guys are missing out on a highly talented artist.....

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