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Thread: HILLTOP HOODS feat: MAVERICK SABRE & BROTHER ALI "live and let go"

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    Default HILLTOP HOODS feat: MAVERICK SABRE & BROTHER ALI "live and let go"

    HILLTOP HOODS featuring: MAVERICK SABRE & BROTHER ALI "live and let go"

    never heard of the Maverick guy or Bro'...
    but Hilltop Hoods are Australia's premier hip-hop group(doesnt say much
    for the rest of them IMO)...
    ive liked a few Hilltop Hood tracks over the years, but not many...
    this one, i do not like

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    I like this

    caught me eye when I saw Brother Ali
    who I have hyped here a couple times
    a rare intelligent rapper

    check this live clip out

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    thanks for the clip...i was listening whilst posting a couple of other stuff MH....

    as for Hilltop Hoods,
    all of their material is lyrically intelligent, none of that B#tches,Hoes,Nigga$ crap and very few "f-bombs"
    i have noticed on occasion they drop a few of the same lines Eminem does....

    at least theyre "clean lyrics" though.

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