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Thread: NOEL GALLAGHER'S HIGH FLYING BIRDS "chasing yesterday"

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    Default NOEL GALLAGHER'S HIGH FLYING BIRDS "chasing yesterday"

    NOEL GALLAGHER'S HIGH FLYING BIRDS "chasing yesterday"

    online listen at Spotify...
    Noel's second solo effort since quitting Oasis...
    first album was a bit experimental ie:trying different styles and sounds, probably to distance himself from the Oasis legacy...
    this one is more along the lines of an Oasis album in sound and style...
    i read somewhere recently that Gallagher hates the title of the album because he was rushed to make a decision so his record company could get it on itunes/spotify asap.
    i havent done a track-by-track review in a while so i thought i would do so this time for something different....

    track by track:

    1. "riverman" guitar sound and tempo is very similar to that of most of the standard Oasis sounds ala "wonderwall...some lovely sax work on it towards the end.
    its a pleasant enough track...i like it

    2. "in the heat of the moment" another Oasis sounding track, more uptempo than the near acoustic opening song, lots of "na-na-na, na-na" bits to get stuck in your head and "na-na-na" to......i like it vevo video

    3. "the girl with x-ray eyes" lots of dreamy imagary lyrics here like those that you'd expect Lennon to have done in the late 1960s...acoustic sounds, bits of orchestrations,organs and the odd electric guitar solo, makes for good stuff also...i like it

    4. "lock all the doors" opens as a guitar chaotic mess with morse code type sounds in the background, drum beats remind me of Crazy-Horse's "mirrorball" album, not as Oasis sounding as the previous ones but still okay...i like it

    5. "the dying of the light" another acoustic track where the guitar and drum work sounds similar to "wonderwall"...i guess that is Gallagher's trademark sound so we cant criticise him for using it....i like it live

    6. "the right stuff" almost has the same dreamy feel to some of Neil Finn's solo stuff, some nice guitar work on this one, actually sounds like Gallagher would like to rock out a bit like the early Oasis songs, but remains restrained for the sake of the song....i like it

    7. "while the song remains the same" starts off with orchestrations and an organ, then after 38seconds we have his toetapping trademark sounds happening here,
    hints of Beatles here, but only very slightly....i like it audio

    8. "the mexican" again, lyrically and melody are very Oasis, simple guitar riffs, but good allround soft-alt-rock stuff from Noel, good to his his vocals have improved over the years as he exercises his right to sing more as the years go by....i like it

    9. "you know we cant go back" starts off mellow and slow, in come the guitars and we see a genuine Gallagher alt-rocker, probably closest track on here to the debut Oasis album "definately maybe"....i like it audio

    10. "ballad of the mighty 1" nice drum beats and basslines on this one, the odd line here sounds like its been lifted from "bus stop" by Hollies, Gallagher has done that a lot over the years,borrow a line here or there...another good song....i like it live

    all up a far better album than the High Flying Bird's debut as theres no filler on here....
    probably wont win over any new fans, but will definately reinstall the faith Oasis fans may have lost with that debut solo set...
    so, if you like Oasis and their material, especially the material Noel sung with them, then, you will like this album...
    good to finally see one of my favourites not disappoint me like the others have over the last year or two(Neil Young,Fogerty,Macca,Neil Finn...are you listening to me...??)

    the above linked tracks are all i could find on youtube....
    you can listen to the album in its entirity on spotify if you wish to do so....

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    I forgot to add my rating....
    After two listens this one scores a respectable 2.0 from me....
    With repeat listens I'm sure I'll love this one.

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    news article from NME...
    Noel's album is the fastest selling album in the UK so far this year:

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