enters the Billboard chart this week at #14

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6th studio album
a step above most modern country
for about half of it
but I'm seeing half empty

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Bio - from allmusic

A young singer and songwriter in the Texas honky tonk tradition, Aaron Watson plays country music with a traditional feel but a young man's energy and spunk, and has
earned a loyal fan following in the Lone Star State. Born in Amarillo, TX, Watson's earliest musical influences were the gospel hymns he sang in church with his family
and the classic country records by George Jones, Merle Haggard, and Willie Nelson his folks played around the house. Watson began writing and singing his own songs
while he was a student at Abilene Christian University, and after graduating he became a regular fixture on the Texas honky tonk circuit.

In 2002 Watson released his first album, Shutupanddance, which was a major success in Texas, spawning the hit singles "Off the Record," "I Don't Want You to Go (But I
Need You to Leave)," and the title tune. The album also earned him airplay and media attention nationwide, and Watson followed up his debut in 2004 with The Honky
Tonk Kid, which was produced by Ray Benson of Asleep at the Wheel and featured guest vocals from Watson's hero, Willie Nelson. Watson and his band the Orphans of
the Brazos captured their energetic live set on tape with their 2005 release Live at the Texas Hall of Fame, and Watson returned to the studio in 2006 for his fourth
album, San Angelo.

In 2008 Watson began transforming his sound -- albeit subtly and without leaving his Texas roots behind -- toward a more contemporary country radio-friendly one on the
reflective Angels & Outlaws. In 2010 he released The Road & the Rodeo, returning to more uptempo material, while smoothing his edges further. The result was more
airplay, higher-profile touring engagements, and charting inside Billboard's Top 200.

Album Review - from journalstar

Here’s a shocker -- the No. 1 country album in the country is actually a country record.

It comes from Aaron Watson, pays homage to George Strait, George Jones and Johnny Cash, has plenty of fiddle and twang and, of course, was released
independently by the Texas country stalwart whose rejection by Nashville is recounted in “Fence Post,” the album’s closer.

Tapping into classic country themes, the album’s got lots of love songs, "Blame It on Those Baby Blues,” “One of Your Nights” and “Getaway Truck” for three; paeans to
family and nods to cowboys in "That’s Why God Loves Cowboys,” which includes cowgirls as well, and in the funny “Rodeo Queen” about a rodeo clown in love.

Watson’s a solid singer who sometimes tries to cram too many words into a phrase. The music, co-produced by Keith Stegall, is first rate, and it’s pure country, which is
a very, very good thing to see at the top of the charts. Grade: B

this one was ok:

Track Listing

1. The Prayer
2. Wildfire
3. Freight Train
4. That Look
5. Getaway Truck
6. Bluebonnets (Julia's Song)
7. That's Why God Loves Cowboys
8. That's Gonna Leave a Mark
9. The Underdog
10. Blame It On Those Baby Blues
11. One of Your Nights
12. Family Tree
13. Rodeo Queen
14. Fence Post