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Thread: Maria McKee and Lone Justice

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    Default Maria McKee and Lone Justice

    Ms. McKee came up strong with this country cowpunk/rockabilly band. It didn't last all that long but were the pathway to a lot of what came after AND Ms. Mckee has built on her strengths--she's DA Bomb! Her stuff now; then Lone Justice: and her Site: her discog: << star-studded releases, every one

    Some songs: << I ask myself this question every day...but am optimistic going forward. << Overlay this on "Time Is on My Side"--strongly similar codas. But anyway...

    W/Lone Justice: << This is the type of song that had them opening for U2 30 years ago. The thinking person's Fleetwood Mac...Are you taken by, taken by surprise?

    SEMI-BONUS: a 20+minute concert in '85--Damn, do they open strong!: << Women have on average longer life-spans than men--Ms. McKee demonstrates the the ovarian strength to show why this is true.

    Interesting segment--Ms. McKee talking about Lone Justice and the seduction of the innocents:
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    First time I heard Lone Justice was at a record store in a mall back in the 80's. Of course, the song was "Shelter", the only thing they ever did which made it on to the radio. Too bad this band didn't take off like they were predicted to. They had a lot of potential. They came in at the very end of the short lived Cow Punk era after bands like Jason and the Scorchers and Soul Asylum milked it for all it was commercially worth.

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