Sure, we suffered the loss of Alvin Batiste (may that brother rest in peace) but it's in good hands with N.O.-native and killer player, Victor Goines. Mr. Goines doubles on sax w/equal skill. Here's the Wiki: << nice career in academia, member of some terrif orchestras and done lots on his own. His Discog: << thin under his own name--much more an ensemble player His Site: << NOTE: It opens with music

Some tunes: << Soul-deep beautiful on a Sydney Bechet classic << Can't he just play some bop?? << Nice informal session; Mr. Goines on sax... << Pt. 2 on clarinet; they take "The Nearness of You" to some marvy places << doesn't get much better than this

One part of an interesting, on-going series by the Jazz at Lincoln Center folks--play an instrument? Look here for yours: and
BONUS: Mr. Goines leads you on a solid hour's exploration of the music of New Orleans, a clarinet/soprano sax-centric wonder.: