Just seen this amazing new music video from my favourite new artist at the moment, the mighty 'Mo Evans'

Absolutely love this track it's so powerful.. The video is pretty sad and emotive as well.. Check it out

I grew up in a studio in a small village called Path of Condie in Scotland surrounded by talented musicians, so had plenty of inspiration to do something creative myself! I started on drums when I was about 6 years old, then learned to play guitar about 3 years later.

When I moved to England and went to secondary school I joined my first band 'Space Jelly', which in time fizzled out. After that the guitarist Tom and I started writing together, which was when I started singing and songwriting more seriously. Since then I have been writing and gigging as a duo with Tom which has been a wonderful experience and I am now writing my own solo material as well. I look forward to introducing you to some of my new songs and forthcoming gig dates on here, I hope you enjoy my page and thank you for your support!