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    Default Lady Gaga

    damn girl!
    change your name and drop the pop

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    i saw this earlier while watching some of the Oscars...

    awesome,awsome performance...near perfection IMO...!

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    her duet album with Bennett was very good also,
    i suspect the reason she doesnt do more of that type of music is that the monetary reward is not there like it is in the pop scene...

    that Oscar performance was flawless, i urge anyone who hasnt seen it to click on MH's link and view it, i guarentee it will leave you gobsmacked!

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    She could change her name to S-JAG (all her initials) and she's in a position to do whatever she wants to, now--be interesting to see how it plays out. I join in the praise for her Oscar performance--best thing I've seen in years and it's all her doing.
    I thought that anachronistic prop, a hand-held mike, entirely in keeping with the perf--one of those over-the-ear thingis just wouldn't have done.
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