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Thread: A jolly jazzman--Gene Harris

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    Default A jolly jazzman--Gene Harris

    Mr. Harris always brought the party with him. His was an ebullient, blues-based music, usually in the soul jazz vein. 40+ year recording career, split into 2 phases. His trio recordings from the '50's-'60's with the 3 Sounds sound fresh today, and when Ray Brown brought him out of retirement in the '80's with bands/large bands--well, there wasn't another like him. He lived a long time in a jazz-obscure place so was not better known (fans and critics can be such snobs). His Wiki: His Site, primarily about the annual tribute concert in his adopted home town: << The joy projected in that pic was the way he was. Discog of compilations: << Best way to get to know him and his work. That Concord "Best of" 2-CD set covers his later work (Concord Records); the Dusty Groove/Real Gone covers his earlier work. Either is to be got for about $10 total from the Usual Suspect. His 2 recordings Live at the "it" Club are jazz funk at its best so when you've absorbed the 2 recordings above, they're the next step.
    NOTE: His accessibility and sense of joy makes him perfect for introducing folks to real jazz piano--never stuffy or dry--dance music even. I'm going long here because he had so many facets...and I love every one.

    Some tunes: << Hearing this today triggered this Thread << Good rendition but not a real sense of what he's about... One of those "that guy wrote it so this guy could play it" thingies << The best perf of his signature piece << Jim Mullen q.v. on guitar << funk jazz--not to everybody's taste << The greatest trio ever?...except all others with Ray Brown << Sure captures and displays every essence of a tune, doesn't he? << with Scott Hamilton, a great partnership << From a whisper to a scream, then other places, then back home again << languid and lovely...the song, I mean << Something a bit different--Ferrante and Teischer it ain't. Roger Kellaway is his own kind of "WOW!"

    BONUS: 45-minute "Superband" concert from '89:
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