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Thread: IMAGINE DRAGONS "smoke and mirrors"

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    Default IMAGINE DRAGONS "smoke and mirrors"

    IMAGINE DRAGONS "smoke and mirrors"

    its been almost three years since their highly acclaimed debut
    album "night visions" was released so i was keen to listen to this
    one on Spotify...
    i thought their debut was okay..slightly over-hyped by the critics IMO.
    this one is a bit more eclectic, the music is 'softer' and i think its a lot
    more radio friendly than the debut...
    i think its a better album than Night Visions overall, its well crafted and produced
    and shows theres more to the Dragons than "radioactive"...
    only real problem i have with this one is that the deluxe version has four extra tracks...
    the album didnt need them, its a bit overkill,but what the heck!
    this one is now on my 'to buy' list
    rating on a first up listen 1.8

    two of my faves from the album:

    "i bet my life" vevo video
    "polaroid" audio

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    debuts at #1 in the UK this week

    debuts at #4 here in Australia this week

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    got around to this one
    best of the year so far for me
    on my list
    I loved their debut album

    loved those 2 tracks CH linked above
    also this one

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    ...glad you liked it Brother.

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    I love this album!
    I actually made 3 lyric videos for some songs on the album...

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    last one!

    I'm making more

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