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    Default Jeremy Camp - I Will Follow

    enters the Billboard chart this week at #25

    Spotify online listen
    not yet rated by allmusic

    8th studio album
    contemporary Christian
    bombastic chorus's

    artist website -

    Bio - from allmusic

    One of the leading artists on the contemporary Christian scene, Jeremy Camp has gained a sizable fan following for his passionate, well-crafted rock songs and
    heartfelt testimonies of faith in spite of life's obstacles. Camp was born on January 12, 1978, in Lafayette, Indiana, where his father was the pastor of the town's Harvest
    Chapel church and taught his son to play guitar. After completing high school, Camp attended bible college in Southern California and developed a keen interest in
    music, influenced by the likes of U2, Jars of Clay, Delirious?, and Creed. When one of the worship leaders at the school heard Camp playing with some friends at his
    dormitory, he urged him to become involved with their music ministry program, and soon he was performing at Christian music events all over California, recording a
    self-released disc called Burden Me in 2000. At one such appearance, Camp met a young woman named Melissa, and the two stuck up a friendship that blossomed
    into a romance. When Melissa broke off the relationship after a few months, Camp was crushed, but when he next saw her, her life had taken a serious turn -- she had
    been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and was in the hospital. When Melissa went into remission, Camp married her, but after their honeymoon, they discovered the
    cancer had returned, and in early 2001 she passed on; she was only 21. Camp poured both his sorrow and the faith that helped see him through into his music, and in
    2002 he was signed to BEC Recordings, who released his first nationally distributed album, Stay; it was both a critical and commercial success, and five songs from the
    disc reached the top of the Christian singles chart. While touring in support of Stay, Camp met singer Adrienne Leisching, former singer with the Benjamin Gate; the two
    hit it off, and in 2003 they were married, and have since been blessed with two daughters. In 2004, Camp released his second album for BEC, Carried Me: The Worship
    Project, which matched the gold record success of Stay, and Camp won two Dove Award trophies for Best Male Vocalist and Best New Artist. In 2005, Camp released
    two albums -- a studio set, Restored, which rose to number 45 on the Billboard Top Albums chart and spawned three number one Christian singles, and a live disc, Live
    Unplugged from Franklin TN. Camp also recorded the song "Open Up Your Eyes" for the soundtrack of the hit film The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the
    Wardrobe, which earned him another Dove Award. The fall of 2006 brought another studio set from Camp, Beyond Measure, which reached number 29 on the Billboard
    charts and produced two more hit singles. Speaking Louder Than Before arrived in 2008, followed by the concert album Jeremy Camp Live in 2009. In 2010, Camp
    released the second installment in his praise series, We Cry Out: The Worship Project. The album scored two singles: "The Way," which hit the top spot on the Christian
    Music charts and "Overcome," which came in at number two. He followed that set with Reckless in February of 2013.

    Album Review - from jesusfreakhideout

    Twelve years ago, Jeremy Camp was introduced to us as a down to earth young man that just endured the tragic loss of his first wife. The lyrics he wrote and the
    fervency in which he sang them resonated with simple yet profound truths of God's grace and mercy. Over the years, the passion and vulnerability in his voice and
    songwriting declined and his instrumentation became more predictable, with Reckless hitting an all-time ordinary two years ago. I Will Follow is a step back in the right
    direction, but it still contains some of these same problems.

    I Will Follow is first and foremost a declaration of the grace and love of God. This is a relevant and important message, but there are two main problems with the lyrics
    Camp uses to convey this message. The first problem is that many of the lyrics are safe and one-dimensional. For example, on "We Are The Dreamers," several
    unrelated buzz words are crammed together in the chorus: "We are the dreamers, all things are possible / You are Redeemer, You're working miracles / Let's rise, rise,
    rise to our feet, and proclaim the name of Jesus." The second problem is that most of the songs repeat the track title more times than necessary (for instance, "Only In
    You" recites the phrase "only in you" 19 times). Though repetition can be used artistically, in cases like this, it just seems lazy.

    That's not to say all the lyrics are a bust. There are a few moments, like the worshipful "Here I Am," the encouraging "He Knows," and the first verse of "Christ In Me," that
    all start to show some depth. Additionally, Camp sings with a lot more emotion and conviction than on Reckless or We Cry Out, which helps offset some of the weak
    lyrics. This is evident from the first song, "Living Word," where Camp packs a lot of gusto into his words, giving them a bit more weight: "It's alive in me / The very breath I
    breathe / I'm holding on with all I've got / To the living word, the living word of God." He even tries his hand at some falsetto in the chorus of "Finally Home," which works
    surprisingly well for his brawny voice.

    From a musical standpoint, there are several songs that follow a similar format to each other, including "Christ In Me," "'Till The End," and "We Are The Dreamers."
    These songs feature a memorable sing-along chorus accompanied by big drums, an overabundance of oh-oh's/hey's, and vocals that are mixed too prominently over
    the rest of the music. Admittedly, many of these tracks are really catchy, but their calculated nature hinders any potential staying power. There are some songs that stand
    apart, like the southern rock title track, the joyful "Finally Home," and the boot-stomping "Can't Be Moved," but even these tracks have an unimaginative song structure.
    Other smaller musical bright spots include the industrial drum beat on "Here I Am" and the acoustic guitar picking on "Only In You."

    Jeremy Camp has a big heart for God and one of the stronger voices on Christian radio, but the lackluster lyrics and unoriginal musical formula drag this album down.
    That's not to say this is a bad album--in its weakest moments I Will Follow is average and in its best moments it is enjoyable. If anything, this album gives a glimmer of
    hope that Camp still has another album of the same quality as his earlier works up his sleeves, but as we wait for that day to come, I Will Follow should only be picked up
    by those who really love Camp.

    this was the first single:

    Track Listing

    1. Living Word
    2. I Will Follow (You Are With Me)
    3. He Knows
    4. Finally Home
    5. Christ In Me
    6. ‘Til the End
    7. Can’t Be Moved
    8. Only In You
    9. Same Power
    10. We Are the Dreamers
    11. Here I Am
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    i like the linked track....
    love Jeremy's voice also.

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