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Thread: Britain's best sing.jump blues outfit

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    Exclamation Britain's best swng/jump blues outfit

    Can't be talking about other than The Jive Aces. Sell-out crowds wherever they go, 9 discs in 16 years--consummate players and big fun all 'round. A Wiki:
    Their discog (not reviewed but set lists): Home page:

    Some tunes: << Tell me you didn't need this song today... << Oh Daddy! Some fun now! * <<< Mature, robust dance troupe--does it get better? I think not. << 2nd best version of this song ** << A set-up? Yes. Buct check Cody Lee later in his career #

    * Somebody else's version:
    ** Here's the first: << Turn it up and get rockin'!
    BONUS: Full perf from L.A.
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