It means we're on an elevator together for 2 minutes, so sell me on this guy, that concept, those products. The clock starts now. GO!
OK "Paul and Rich Steward, father & son, Native American ultimate Blues duo performing high-energy Blues, Soul and Rock & Roll with screaming guitar and soulful vocals backed by the 2XG Band. Charlie Musselwhite calls them " The Real Deal Blues". Mr Musselwhite don't lie or suffer mutts. Their Site: << 4 CDs for sale--that's a good track record (pun intended).

Some tunes: << Think about the people that weren't there...and missed this great music. Poor mad fools. Reprise of the show. << Vid has its charms << Nifty garb. I can see myself in it...once upon a time. << from a terrific show so... << about another 2? Great song * << rock yo' sox

* Peter Green's version: << As powerfully understated as it gets--you lean in watching him pick those lines
What they built on: << the singles release