Anni Piper--serious Blues maker and robust, vibrant woman--that's something I can believe in. 5 CDs in 11 years. AMG listing but no coverage.: Her FB page: Her Site: << doubtful that's she's that sultry or, er, open in person.

Let's listen: << solid opener but not representative of her scope. <<...this is closer to the bone. << Both guitarists pick nice solos. << been there, done that
SEMI-BONUS: a 25 minute songs-and-intervew segment--great fun: << great understated guitar work--who is this guy?

Kathy Kosins Chanteuse? Jazz vocalist? GAS interpreter? Ms. Kosins doesn't care how you label her, as long as you listen to her...and that's always a rewarding experience. Forget the critic's adulation--decide for yourself. And it will be positive. Her Wiki (It's fascinating.): A blogsters good take on her: Her well-done Site:

Let's listen: << sometimes it's exhilarating to feel this sad...and boldsy-bluesy to feel this good. Consult your neighborhood psychiatrist for details...or ask your female significant other. << A bit brightly recorded--part of a 34-day tour in 2014 << a lot of folks are on board with this.... << Lovely 2-fer << a '01 TV appearance--hasn't she and we matured? Not so much--timeliness is a legit concept----the timeline has been extended though.