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    Default Hello there!

    Well, my extensive research for music has led me here. So time to relax and say hi! my name is Max and I really like rock, pop, piano, classical, some R&B, hip hop, electronic, whatever tune appeals my eardrums! Hope to get along with everyone.

    By the way, I don't really know if this is the correct place to post it, but I just started listening to a rock band, they sing in spanish, but I really like their music. They play a mix of rock with lots of synths and strings (sounds almost videogame-like), I'd really appreciate if you'd check it out and make a few recommendations on similar music.

    It doesn't matter where they are from as long as they sound similar. Have a good day!

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    Welcome aboard....

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    Thanks for sharing, Mcouary--it sure puts the lie to those thinking music in Spanish is only Latin (as if further proof was needed). My advice here? Just pick any Forum and start exploring--who knows what will stimulate your imagination? And oh yes: Please keep bringing us your choices and links...
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