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    Default a tool to enhance your listening

    The class of tech is "DAC/amps" and here's 1 of the better (actually they make 2 differents units but they are similar--a walk-around unit and a desk-top). They work with all devices and OS's. Here are independent reviews: The E-10 and the E7: Both have been significantly improved of late; consumer reviews on the Usual Suspect are ecstatic.

    For something way different (and if you are bucks-up), consider the PonoPlayer. a DAC/amp AND a playing device all in one. Neil Young is a huge supporter and a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign raised $2.5 Million in less than a week.: << Interesting article but not a review per se.

    NOTE: Even if the rest of this post has no relevance to you, know that Pono also runs a very high-resolution streaming and downloading services.: << This may why Mr. Young got involved--so his music could be better heard by us sweating masses.

    So what is a DAC and why is it important? Here's a sort-of answer (you'll have to wade through some tech jargon but a couple of answers are mish-mosh-free.):
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