Band Name:

Album Title:
as it is above so it is below

Band Members and Positions:

Todd Anders Johnson - Lead Vocals and Drums
Rob Garland - Bass
Dexter Payne - Saxophone
- Many Collaborators -


Jazz, Swing, Blues, Eclectic, Reggae, Hip Hop, Chill

Record Label:

Difficulty of Music:

Intricate but laid back

Comparisons to Other Artists:

Similar to Dave Mathews when he sings in some songs, but very unique at other times.

Lyrical Significance:

Very Pro-active and intelligent lyrics. Also very mellow.

Overall Rating (out of 10) :

Performing the difficult roles of Drummer and Singer, Todd Anders Johnson is on point whether hes singing or rapping. Their live performance is just as good, if not better, than their CD. This Album has something for everybody. I would rock it in my car. Salem has serious heart.