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Thread: A great one has been Called Home

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    A man who embraced all the major pop music styles of the last 50 years and mastered them, has died. Don Covay R.I.P. He had a pretty good career as a performer, live and recording; he'll live forever as a writer. He wrote scores of tunes and many of them are classics (you can look at the charts AND assess long-term impact here *). His importance cannot be overstated--American pop music would have a huge hole in it without him. The Wiki: An excellent bio/appreciation: and discog: << you are well-served with either of the 5-star comps BUT for an original, he saved the best for last: His NYTimes obit:

    Some tunes: << He and Jimi Hendrix were great friends, thus: << crappy sound quality, as explained. << one of my fave tunes << No vocals means you get to hear how good the underlying song was--nice guitar on this. << You may remember some White boys doing this...Mr. C happily cashed those royalty checks... << He wrote this on commission. How about in French ?:

    * He principally wrote for others--he did re-imagine some as originals or self-covers. Another interesting Site about him: He wasn't all about himself--listen to this cover: << I like this so much, here's the AMG and, yes, I just ordered it:

    A community radio station in KC, MO is going to cover him for 3 hours 3-6 PM CST on 10 Feb. on the fetchingly named Voodoo Kittens RoadTrippin' Blues show--they stream to all devices:
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