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Thread: Where does Shaun Murphy belong?

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    Default Where does Shaun Murphy belong?

    15 years with Little Feat puts her in one category; her solo work puts her in another. Speaking of her solo work: she is not known for subtlety. Her Wiki: Her solo discog: << + items on her site: Her Site:
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    Because the best is in it

    Some tunes: << Show me that unadorned left hand and let's get busy. << 7+ years ago--if you care about such things << in a duet with Don Ray * << her voice, of course, but some enrapturing harmonica as well. John Hiatt wrote this song so it could be done this way--I'm firmly convinced. << a Dylan song like you've probably never heard it. Couple of great breaks in this song--both sax and guitar.

    * America's bikers fave bands:
    Another Shaun Murphy:
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