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    Most of the cabaret repertoire came from stage or film so:
    Cabaret singers are known for technical proficiency and excellent enunciation; the best bring emotion and make the lyric their own. Wesla Whitfield qualifies in spades. Here's a concert from '94 (no idea what happened to her--this is moment-in-time-snapshot, not a movie.):

    OK a bit more of this magnificent singer: << her pipes and taste are not chair-bound *--they soar with the songbirds. << lovely soloing and back-filling work by cornetist Warren Vache << Nifty still pix accompany << more nifty pix. These last 2 uploaded by her husband and pianist, Mike Greensill. << That trumpeter (unk. to me previously) more than fills the bill
    SPECIAL: a CBS profile/interview from '94--you'll thank me for this:
    * Incidentally, her being chair-bound wasn't disease and it's not fixable--a random act of violence by 2 punk kids shattered her lower spine.
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