Debbie Bond and the True Dats Ms. Bond has lived an intriguing life, settling in Alabama and not only playing killer music, but also heading an outfit dedicated to remembering and enhancing Alabama's rich Blues history. No Wiki, skimpy AMG, so here's her Site: << Spent part of her childhood in West Africa (inculcating culture and rhythms), and has spent years paying dues behind some terrif Blues players.

Some tunes: << Unusually for her, a full horn section << a more typical grouping << shout-out to her long-time drummer--utter timekeeper with quality fills
This is real loud--adjust volume accordingly << real nice perfs with bio interview
This is even louder << love that controlled quaver in her voice--she emphasizes the important bits but is not a belter, never over-drives a lyric just for effect *. << nice tribute to her long-time employer/mentor, the late Willie King.

* If that's your thing, check this diva: