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Thread: ♛ ♪♫ the voice UK 2015 season 4 Episode 4♛ ♪♫

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    Default ♛ ♪♫ the voice UK 2015 season 4 Episode 4♛ ♪♫

    listen and feel ^^

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    There are some very impressive performances:

    Sharon Murphy performs Bob Dylans Forever Young, winning a chair turn from Ricky and Sir Tom Check it out who gonna be her coach to take her through the battles

    17-year old Olivia Lawson sings a magical rendition of Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana, ensuring Will, Rita and Ricky hit their buttons. WOW!... her voice was amazing, let's check out how Will, Rita and Ricky persuaded she to join there team and untimately picking^^

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