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Thread: Hunting for "Music for Dance" Album ?!?!?!

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    Question Hunting for "Music for Dance" Album ?!?!?!

    Hey all,

    My first post/thread in this forum

    I am hunting for an album called "Music for Dance" released in circa 70s or 80 not sure. I had the good old cassette back in the day (90s) when I was in school.

    I don't remember all tracks but it had this song for sure:

    Cocomotion by EL Coco.

    Can't find the album online.

    Any insight will bring back memories to an old timer.


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    Hey peeps! Any info on this? Lol been one year since I posted this
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    I've been thinking about it all year
    I got nothin
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    Quote Originally Posted by Music Head View Post
    I've been thinking about it all year
    I got nothin
    Thanks for checking.

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