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Thread: Tell us about your band!

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    Post Tell us about your band!

    Any members hiding the fact that they are apart of a band? Tell us about your band, and post a link to a web-site or myspace.
    With Regards...


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    I am in a band called Anōmalža. We're aspiring to be a sort of progressive rock band in addition to whatever our individual influences (for better or worse) offer. I do vocals and anything involving non-acoustic/traditional instrumentation (I mean programming electronic instruments). We don't have any songs up, but we have played a gig.

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    Exclamation hi, I'm Kandia's vocals

    Hi, I'm Nya and my band's called KANDIA.
    You can visit us here:

    Everyone with a band, feel free to add us, it's always nice to discover new bands ;)

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    Hi Nya. Really nice work there. All the very best to KANDIA.

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    Lift The Curse

    Default Lift The Curse

    check us out.
    we are a 5 piece thrash/metal band from Pa (USA).

    tell us what you think please!

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    Default Ma Band

    well it was somthing that i never thought would get as big as what it has but it started off as some fun for me and before i knew it there were gigs and recordings going on more to follow with some colabaration with others check me out at
    and we are looking for others to join us so if you thinkits what you want to do contact me

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