Two gents who are the best of the genre, Otis Clay and Johnny Rawls, have recorded together--it's AMG listed as OC only but it's a sharing of equals. Folks, it doesn't get better than this. Issued on an small but aggresive label in El Paso, TX, it's got all the elements of a big-city, big-label issue. I'm gonna q.v. most of the usual stuff but their Sites:
Mr. Clay: << 2 interviews and, natch, some music
Mr. Rawls: << pretty complete, as well...

Some tunes from the supporting tour: << These recorded in Toronto, you lucky ducks. << Mr. Rawls covers most of the vocal load--Mr. Clay is 75 *. This song is a tribute to the recently-deceased co-author, Teeny Hodges, a giant of the genre...and music overall << Now here's a medley for you.

* But here's Mr. Clay/ Back in the day/On the Strand to play: << Bob Seger does a killer version; and and << Covering a Stones classic so well