The correct answer is "...or what?". Nikki Hill is sure enough a Rock singer: (hint: she loves Bon Scott) but is really all about anything roots or Americana or Blues or ....Rock 'n' Roll. Tight band, the Pirate Crew, with her husband on Guitar. Only 1 CD so far but I predict a good, satisfying, hopefully lucrative, career...and a good future with them together. Her Site: I was keyed by a laudatory article in the latest Blues Music Magazine (q.v.). St. Louis based, and Missouri's most recent gift to the world.
Bonus: a 1/2 hour in a very empathic studio appearance *: << She needs to drop that spoken place-holder, " know...."--it gets annoying qvikli.
Some songs: < 2 short ones in a 2-fer. Sure would like to hear a sax in her regular band. << these next 2 righteously recorded in a studio. Mr and Mrs. Hill... << ....playing to each other's strengths. A shout-out to that rhythm section--nothing special but provide a good underpinning to the melodic pyrotechnics. << bringing heat to a Norwegian spring. Use your audio processor and--TURN IT UP!

* If you like original, authentic American music, you'll find this of interest--a magazine that also produces perfs by artists of interest. You are urged to give a look: