Imaginative pianist, nuanced vocalist, an experienced jazz vocal educator. Backed into being a a vocalist due to a hand problem early on, but her singing takes a back seat to no one...and successful surgery got her her hands back. Her AMG bio and discog: and << not prolific (9 in 18 years) but every one is meaningful. Start with her 2 at the Jazz Standard--both will run you about $15 inc. S/H at the Usual Suspect. With her vocal style and pianism, she's perfect to cover the late Shirley Horn (her latest does). Her Site: She's based in Austria and doesn't gig often--if you get a chance to see her, do so.

Some tunes: << with her then-trio. Love the vocalizing--it jut fits so well << Extended take on this warhorse and the treatment may not be to every taste. << W/ an Italian trio << w/ a Danish trio. Surely gets to the core of this John Lennon classic ("Imagine").