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Thread: Latest Music From Latin-Guitar Duo Terra Guitarra Is Inspired By Fire

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    Default Latest Music From Latin-Guitar Duo Terra Guitarra Is Inspired By Fire


    The Latin-style acoustic-guitar duo TERRA GUITARRA is not only a fun act to listen to, their music has depth because the group thinks a lot about life, everything around them and the history of the world. These things influence their music, as you might notice on their new album, FIRELIGHT. They named the album FIRELIGHT in tribute to one of the most important inventions in history -- creating fire. The album also begins and ends with tunes inspired by sunrises and sunsets (check out the album artwork as well) caused by the biggest fire around (the sun).

    This music insinuates itself quickly into your soul and spirit. It is just so darn melodic and hooky. I love the solos. It probably is so good because Terra Guitarra know exactly what listeners want to hear because the group is constantly performing live shows (more than 200 each year), so they can try out new material immediately before a crowd and find out what works.

    There are quite a few Latin-style acoustic guitar acts out there in the marketplace, but it would be safe to say that Terra Guitarra is quickly rising to the top of the crowd because they are obviously majorly talented and are giving music lovers exactly what they want.

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    For more on this outstanding nuevo Flamenco duo: << The OP wasn't gushing--if anything, a bit restrained. << you get invested with their music right quickly << could do with screening out the BG chatter... << Their take on a classic << Lovely song
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