Timothy Wenzel
Summon The Wind

Keyboardist TIMOTHY WENZEL knows all the key ingredients for a great new age music album -- strong melodies, interesting arrangements, a variety of instruments, relaxing sounds and drama. His newest album, SUMMON THE WIND, contains twelve highly-enjoyable contemporary instrumental original compositions -- near-perfect new age recordings. Take a listen online somewhere and see if you agree that these are classy and classic new age music selections.

Piano seems to be his weapon of choice, but he also will go into battle flailing a flute, violin, harp, acoustic guitar or full drum kit (and a dozen other instruments that crop up less frequently). There also are some tasty sampled strings and wordless vocals on several tunes as well. Occasionally you will hear hints of traditional music from the olden days of England, Ireland and Scotland that gently blow through like a Celtic breeze off the moors.

This is sweet stuff with captivating melodies and exquisite instrumentation, perfect for daytime relaxation or nighttime love. Classic.