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    Hey there. I'm a music writer for Houston Texas just looking for fellow music fans. I really don't gravitate toward a specific kind of music, I just like GOOD music.

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    Hi Trevor, good to meet you...

    Welcome to Music Discussion, hope you enjoy the site.

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    welcome to MD Trevor. Anything you don't like in music?
    With Regards...


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    Default Things I don't like

    Hmmmm. Not really. I do seem to have an aversion to a lot of Top 40 stuff just because it doesn't seem to take many chances or be very original. Take the recent Beyonce/Kelly Clarkson single controversy where the songs are virtually identical. But there is plenty of music on the radio I do like but I do tend to listen to college and Pacifica radio more than Top 40.

    And as a saxophone player, I can't stand Kenny G.

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